Services Provided

I specialize in working with couples and individuals across a broad spectrum of issues including, but not limited to couples counseling, parenting support, grief counseling, work and career issues, stress management, conflict resolution, depression, anxiety, trauma and infertility.


Couples often get caught in patterns of relating that erode communication, trust and connection. Rather than moving toward intimacy, they find themselves further away from each other and often feel confused as to how they ended up in this place. Arguments go unresolved and it becomes harder and harder to get that loving feeling back. At the core of this disconnection lies the question, “Are you there for me? But it doesn’t have to be this way!

As a certified Emotionally Focused Therapist (EFT) we will explore how to get “unstuck” from these destructive patterns. EFT has been identified by the American Psychological Association (APA) as a proven form of couple therapy and scientific research has determined that 70-75% of couples who experience it go on to lead happier, more fulfilling relationships. Whether you are a new couple wanting to build a solid foundation or an established couple looking to rekindle your passion and commitment, I can help you create the relationship you are longing for. For more information about EFT visit the following sites. or


Sometimes life transitions such as the birth of a child, retirement, relocation, college graduation, job loss or parenting issues cause challenges. Other times struggles from our past continue to follow us into the present and we need help making sense of them. Trauma, loss, grief, depression and anxiety are just some issues that can cause on-going distress and suffering. I can provide you with the necessary support, understanding and tools to face these difficult issues at your pace and in your way. You don’t have to suffer alone……help is just a call or email away.


Are you looking for a tune up regarding career direction, resume preparation or interviewing skills? Looking to understand what may be holding you back from your next promotion or limiting your work performance? Are you a leader responsible for achieving performance objectives through people, yet team issues continue to bubble up, preventing maximum performance? If so, you may benefit from coaching focused on these specific issues.